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 DAWN PRINGLE'S TESTIMONY - In April 2009 after five years going backwards and forwards going to the QMC Nottingham for various tests, scans, lumber punctures I was finally given my diagnosis I had multiple sclerosis (MS) and this was why for the past 5 years I hadn't been well. Medically there is no cure yet. I was devastated because my own mother had died of MS and knowing and living with what my own mother went through I knew all about MS it really did shock me that I now had it. It isn't hereditary and I was known as the 4th person in the UK where mother/daughter had had it.

Not everybody knows about the disease so I just want to explain a little bit about multiple sclerosis (MS) and what symptoms I had. MS is known as an incurable disease of the central nervous system. The coating around the nerve fibres (called myelin) is damaged causing a range of symptoms, disabilities, paralysis and muscle wastage but each person with MS can experience different symptoms because there are five streams of the condition. The symptoms I was having were gradually losing strength in my right leg then my left leg. I had to lift my legs in and out of the car and the bath. I couldn't run anymore, I felt as though I was trudging through snow with weights on my feet, not being able to lift my feet up properly when walking. Terrible pins and needles, it also effected my arms, I couldn't lift my hair dryer up some days to dry my hair; it was all an effort. My co-ordinations wasn't good, I started to drop things in the kitchen, couldn’t open lids and grip things. My vision went blur on and off and I couldn’t walk straight without banging into things. At times, it was total frustration.

Coming back from the QMC with the diagnosis was one of the worst days of my life. I had to find a way to my family. I prayed for God to help me and I remember saying God ‘right Lord, it’s me and you together, I’ve got this diagnosis for a reason, Help me’. My family were devastated even though I kept it low-key and hid the panic in my voice. During a few months later I received a letter from the QMC saying that they wanted me to come in for an appointment to sort out the treatment that would be more suitable for me to start with and it would be sometime in November. Before then though, in September I went and bought our local newspaper called the Nottingham Evening Post. The reason that I went on the Wednesday to buy it was because they always advertise jobs and my daughter at the time was out of work and looking for a job. Scanning through the paper myself, an advert really caught my attention. Aspley Pentecostal church Healing Crusade September 4th, 5th and 6h’. I went to this church as a little girl with my mother and sister and was thrilled to see that healing crusades were still happening there. This was on the Wednesday I was having a really busy week even into Saturday, I was involved in a community project when suddenly without any hesitation I knew God was saying that he wanted me there at that healing service. I really felt in my heart that this was a divine moment with God. I felt so excited like nothing else mattered, apart from how to get there! I was out at that moment in the car coming back with my husband Anthony and he said don’t worry; we’ll get there on time. I text my sister Gail asking for her to pray saying ‘I believe that the miraculous is going to happen, and I’m on my way to Aspley Pentecostal church Healing Crusade’. I knew we would get there because God wanted us there.

As I said it had been a long time since I’d been to this church and as soon as I stepped in I could feel the powerful and warmth present of the Holy Spirit. Just before the service started, Pastor Colin came round shaking everybody’s hand. We had a wonderful time of worship and Pastor Colin read the word of God and a message on healing. Then he invited anyone to come forward for prayer for healing. I went forward with other people and when it was my turn to be prayed for, I told Pastor Colin that I had MS and had had it for five years. I was standing up, Pastor Colin prayed for the Holy Spirit to come upon me. He prayed for MS to leave my body. I had never felt so much heat start from my head across my face and down my whole body the power of the Holy Spirit was incredible. I felt all my MS symptoms gradually being swept out of my feet. At one point I opened my eyes and I could see Jesus in Pastor Colin’s face. My muscle and nerve ends started to feel stronger, I knew God was miraculously healing me, I just knew it! Tears of joy came, I turned and walked back to my seat next to my husband, Anthony and felt so joyful, overwhelmed and so strong. At the end Pastor Colin asked if I could come back the next day to share my miracle. God is so good. This was my time, I truly believed something was going to happen. This has encouraged so many others of my family and friends to come to healing services and be healed. God is still in the habit of performing miracles now in 2014.

In November 2009 my appointment came to go back and see the neurologist to start my treatment. I couldn't wait to go and see his reaction. I went with my husband Anthony. Before we discussed the treatment, I asked if I could tell him what’s been happening since the last time he saw me. He listened with interest and said that he would still have to go through the neurological tests with me, which are on a scale out of 1-10. The last time everything was 1 or 2 out of 10 indicated poor results whereas this time I passed all the neurological tests 10 out of 10 and with MS there is always evidence behind the eyes, although this time there was no evidence behind the eyes, And I walked in a straight line for the first time in five years. I was the first ever MS patient to be discharged from the QMC. I had to go to the reception desk afterwards which would normally be a follow up outpatient appointment. I pushed the form through that said discharged and the receptionist looked at me gone out. The neurologist was watching outside his door to see the reaction from the receptionist.

I thank God everyday for giving me my life back and to enable me to serve him how he has created me to be. I love God with all my heart. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He is still doing miracles today so expect your miracle, trust him, please be encouraged and God loves you so much.

Testimony of Beverley Smith

I first went to Aspley Pentecostal Church approximately March 2007. For a very long time I had been intending to visit the church, as I had felt drawn to it. I eventually attended Aspley Pentecostal Church after l read in the Nottingham Evening Post that a ‘Healing Crusade’ was taking place that weekend.

My reason for attending the healing crusade was because I was feeling depressed and desperate as I felt robbed and cheated of the active life I once lived. I was suffering with a condition called Fibromyalgia, which caused widespread pain all over my body, this particularly affected my feet, legs and knees, the pain in these areas would be excruciatingly painful. Also on a few occasions my legs had completely collapsed from under me, other symptoms of this condition I experienced were chronic fatigue and brain fog (which sometimes meant that I struggled to remember the simplest of things, e.g. what an object is called, such as a spoon) sounds funny I know however, at times it was humiliating and frustrating when asking someone to pass you “that” and your having to point like a very small child, because you are unable to recall the name of the object. I developed fibromyalgia after contracting a bad virus, when the condition was first diagnosed I was informed that it was not the full blown condition I had developed and therefore I should recover from it in a within a few months. Unfortunately this was not the case and nearly two years later I was still struggling tremendously with the effects this condition was continuing to have on me. Although I had
made some progress from when I first developed fibromyalgia, (after having alternative therapy) I was still suffering greatly. I could only walk or drive a very, very short distance and still had great difficulty walking up and down stairs, even at home. Every morning and night I had to soak my body for a long time in the bath to ease the pain and soften the muscles. I was still living with constant pain, ‘brain fog’ and I was experiencing chronic fatigue more frequently. The quality of life I was able to live was extremely limited. Doing food shopping was a nightmare, literally as I found this such a painful experience, despite my teenage children doing most of the ‘leg work’, I was unable to stand for long so when cooking I had to sit down to do this.

At Aspley Pentecostal Church, healing prayers where said for me, I experienced something entirely new and (at the time unexplainable) I felt a surge of heat from the hand above me and I very, very slowly began to topple backwards (the church stewards who were stood near me) ensuring I did not fall, but gentle guided me to the ground. Although I had been a Christian for years I had never experienced anything like this before, previously I had seen things like this before on the TV and was very sceptical until that day. I later learnt that what happened to me is referred to as ‘slayed by the Holy Spirit’ i.e. when you are overcome by the spirit of God. That day was life changing for me. When I was helped up I did feel different, I can’t remember feeling any pain anywhere in my body and remembered above all that I could bend my knees far more easily and without pain. The healing I received that morning was incredible, however, I feared it would not last and if I felt a little pain felt convinced it had returned, despite me continually telling myself “I am a healed of God”, I did not stand firm in my belief that I was healed (initially). I now say accept the healing and never doubt it. I now also realise that sometimes we require further healing for the same thing. All I know is that from that day, I could do things I had not been able to do in nearly two years, not long after my healing I was able to walk up several flights of stairs and walk round a supermarket. My body has had little reminders of the condition, e.g. especially after an illness such as the flu, however, I stand firm and remind my body it is “Healed by God”. I now go walking - recently I walked four miles, I have recently decorated my kitchen, and now am able to use a shower again instead of only being able to have a bath. I am so thankful to God, when I take my shower in the mornings I always remember, how impossible and dangerous having a shower once would have been for me.

I truly feel that Pastor Colin is used by God as a divine vessel to bring about miraculous healing. Over the past year I have received healing at Aspley Pentecostal church for several things, earlier this year, I was truly scared for my life, when my asthma (which had always been extremely mild) became out of control and medications the doctors were prescribing were not being able to stop the bad attacks, at the same time I was having a lot of chest pains and developed a heart murmur, (which I don’t normally have) and I was told that my lungs were not functioning fully, I was sent for x-rays and was concerned what it might show. After receiving healing prays from Pastor Colin and the congregation, I felt an instant improvement in my health, following the healing I received my asthma attacks stopped as did my heart murmur and my lungs began functioning properly again, the x-ray also came back clear.

I have experienced so many miracle healings at Aspley Pentecostal Church, not only for myself but for my loved ones, when my close friend’s young son was very seriously ill in hospital with a poor diagnoses, which was life threatening and life limiting, Pastor Colin and the rest of the church family said healing prays for him, approx 2 days after the healing prays the diagnoses was changed for my friend’s son and he was released from hospital. PRAISE THE LORD; IT HONESTLY AND TRUELY WAS A MIRACLE. 

I love to share my wonderful healing experiences and I believe you havenothing to lose by coming for faith healing, but a lot to gain. I am now also walking with God with new found faith. I am so thankful for all these blessings.

May God bless all who read this testimony and may all who are in need of healing receive the power of God’s Grace and the miracle of his healing.


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