Albert J Burton's Testimony

Here is a testimony of Albert J Burton who we met  just recently while we had a latte at the Shirebrook coffee shop with our Good Friend Pastor Amanda Pell. Albert and Helena only came into to the coffee shop because they forgot to get a loaf of bread out of the freezer.

Albert's Update!

I have been holding back from a news update on our new life in Shirebrook, simply because so much has happened so fast. Anyhow, here's a brief rundown (if that's even possible) so grab a cup of tea, settle down and have a read.

The reason for moving here was because it was the only place we could find a bungalow that we could afford, buying into a shared ownership with Guinness NCH. The reason for needing a bungalow was because the osteoarthritis in my right knee had progressed quite quickly and stairs were becoming a problem.

We have wandered between the various churches in the town and there are 5! We seem to have settled in at the Christian Centre (AOG - Pentecostal) Apart from the Sunday evening service, they also run a cafe, a shop, and community projects including a food bank and Ethical Food 4 All, amongst many other things. Next door is the Lighthouse Homes for Hope - a project to help homeless people and people with problems (in a nutshell).

4 weeks ago, whilst at the Centre, Helena and I 'encountered' a man named Colin Tilley and his wife Pam. After a long, sometimes heated, and often hilarious conversation and lunch, a group of us went through to the church. Colin put his hand on my heart, prayed over my heart murmur (had it about 3 years), my diabetes and my osteoarthritis. Long story short - I have not had a single murmur or palpitation since that day. Better still - I have not used my walking stick since that day, have walked up and down stairs with no problem, carried bags of soil and compost from the car to the garden, worked on the garden for 2 hours, and walked around Shirebrook more than once - all pain free! 

Now add to that, the fact that I had 2 rather large 'warts', one on each eye, which I was told are cholesterol spots, only last week when looking in the mirror, the right one has almost disappeared, and the left one has diminished massively. All in all, I feel a lot fitter and healthier than I have in a long long time.

OK - so whether or not you believe in miracles, doesn't alter what I know and feel. I'll leave that to you. Last week, I began working as a volunteer at the centre, cooking on a Wednesday evening a meal for around 20 people - a free meal that the Centre provides for anyone who comes in. On a Thursday and Friday I help out in the cafe, and anything else that might be required. I may also be involved in the future in a church allotment that's being planned, and possible helping out with the food bank. None of this would have been possible 5 weeks ago! And just to finish everything off, last Friday I was given a paid job at the Lighthouse project as a support worker on Sundays. The job will still leave me time to go to church on a Sunday evening.

Helena has applied for a post as an outreach worker at the Centre, and God willing, if she is successful, we will be working on the same days and same hours, leaving us 3 days a week for ourselves. The joint income will be more than enough to meet our needs.

Friends, 6 months ago, I felt I was on the scrap heap - just turned 60, health and mobility problems, no job prospects, and a house that seemed to have one problem after another. Now we are in a beautiful 2 bedroomed bungalow in a beautiful setting with wonderful neighbours, in a town where our friendships are growing daily, and we will both be working for God and for the community.

Life could not be any more perfect. I praise God for all His love and wonderful blessings.

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