Eleonora Boboc's Testimony 

My name is Eleonora Boboc, 54 years old. I moved to Nottingham from London and found Aspley Pentecostal Church online. The first time I entered the church, heard the pastor prophecying: “You didn’t sleep well last night, felt tired and had to push yourself to come to church but because you did It, I am going to step in”. The Pastor couldn’t have known that I had suffered from insomnia for many years and was on sleeping pills.

That Sunday the Pastor prayed for me and I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and slept on the floor for over half an hour. It was very surprising to me – wasn’t able to sleep on my bed but slept on the floor in church, after prayer. The Pastor prayed for me three Sundays in a row and every Sunday I ended up sleeping on the floor. Consequently, I was able to sleep without taking any pills. Praise the Lord! 

One Sunday in April 2018, we were storing some things in the loft. I missed the timber and stepped on the plaster board, which gave way and I fell. Was in a lot of pain, my back and hip were really hurting and I had to lie down for a while. Then it was time to go to church and I said I need to go to church because God can touch me and heal me. The Pastor anointed me with oil and prayed for for me that I will be healed and have no pain, not even bruises. Again, I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit.

It happened exactly as the Pastor prayed, healed, no pain and no bruises (I usually bruise very easily). Praise be to God for His miracle working power! He is alive and mighty to save his people! Hallelujah!

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